Metrolina Christian vs. Charlotte Christian Basketball – 1/30/2020

by | Jan 30, 2020

Charlotte Christian Knights Varsity Defeat Metrolina Christian Academy.
Charlotte Christian were victorious against Metrolina Christian Academy 62-53 on Thursday with the help of L Drees, who scored 18 points.
Charlotte Christian Knights Varsity pulled ahead early, claiming a 37-13 lead at the half.
Drees had a great game from the field, making 64% (7-for-11) of shots attempted as well as 57% (4-for-7) of threes attempted.
•Two other players also racked up double digit scores for Charlotte Christian. P Lash had 16 points and B Cash added 10 points. Also contributing for Charlotte Christian were T Hardy, Jr (9 points, 6 rebounds, 1 steal), S Busby (5 points, 2 rebounds), and C Nicholson (3 points, 1 rebound). L Jones was a big defensive contributor as well, racking up three rebounds, three steals and three blocks.
•Charlotte Christian finished the game with 29 rebounds (5 offensive / 24 defensive), three blocks and eight steals.

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